Project: "Gaming Table to Go"!

Good evening out there,

I have started a project that was a long time just as pictures in my mind, the gaming table to go.

Reason why: The problem of the most daddy in our hobby, no space for a gaming table.
After some brainstorming with friends the idea was born and the first pictures in my mind getting more visible.
A gaming table that could be folding in the middle. A gaming table that is useable for all tabletop games. A gaming table to use for games outside just during have a barbecue.
One table for all.

For better explanation some pictures:

To get the table as light as it could be I used spruce wood.

Each table will be build of two of this parts.

 Each table have top measure of 1m x 1m for skirmish games, and two tables together for a surface of 1m x 2m for games like warhammer.

 About 5kg is the wight of one table without terrain.

 Hidden stamps in the bottom to fold out.

 Sloping bracings to get mor stability. There is enough space between the stamps to carry some terrain or miniatures in the table.

 A view from below.

 Light but solid construction.

Both tables finished to try.

 Each table can be fold like this.

 The measure of one table when it is fold is about 1m x 0,5m x 0,2m. You can see the top of the table and two gaps, each gap is a space for a changable gaming surface.

 On the top will be later build two bords as a cap, ...

... this two boards will be use as space to lay down gaming cards when the table is fold out.

 The small plates are just to visible the idea behind the gaps. With this construction ever table has 5 different surface to build terrain or just spray a gaming surface like a galaxy perhaps for X-wing.

The tables are nearly done, now its time to do some brainstorming what terrain I will build on the different surfaces.

If you have some ideas for gaming surfaces, or just some lionks to cool gaming tables or ideas for some gimmicks that a gaming table had to have please let me know in the comments.
I looking forward to build the terrain ...and fnish my armys ;-D *cough* night lords *cough*

Thanks for ready, hope I could get you some inspiration for own projects, and I hope I can do some games with some of you in the future on this tables.