The Golden Vinci 2015!

Hey folks!

The next cool painting competition is running. Our good friends "The Vinicis" goes in the fourth round of the Golden Vinci Contest

Year for year they offer a comp with nice categories and more an more entries. Further more the prize pool is going bigger ;) 

So take your chance to be part of it!

If you want to know more about the competition klick 

The english rules will follow in the next days. 

So don´t miss it! The 5-th-dimension team will wish you all the best in that!

Tribe Chief Morrow

Hey folks!

Long time no hear, so at first a happy new year to all of you paintaholics!

One of my last painting projects last year was very special for me. It was a christmas present to my girlfriend. A long time before she asked me, if I could paint something for her. So it was the best moment to do that. In only three weeks with a good timing, because of she shouldn't see what I did on my workbench, I painted this nice bust. 
The 'Tribe Chief Morrow' is from (atm the side is down, but they will be back soon!). A very cool bust with nice and good sculpted details and an awesome characterist! I put the most work in the face. My intention was to put a lot of different colors and shadings in the skin - and I'm very happy with the result. 

So at first you will find a lot of WIPs. In the end there are some final pics. I'm looking forward to take good pictures of it in the near future. 

A really cool bust!
Easy to prepare and didn´t need much work before to paint.

The leahter was big challenge. Usual I didn't like it to paint, but these bust has big parts of it.
So I have to handle it and learned more about the leather painting.

Apes and scotch! Love it :D

Hope you like it :)

All the best


Upcoming Workshops

Hello folks! I hope you are all well and had a fantastic Christmas (or other winter celebration) and new year.

With the new year comes a refocus. As a lot of you ladies and gents will know I have been running painting workshops in the UK for a few years now under the banner The Weekend Workshop. I am very passionate about building a strong community in the UK and my efforts towards that goal is trying to get painters together through workshops and give them access to skilled teachers from around Europe who can really help them improve their skills.

Whilst The Weekend Workshop is very UK focused it certainly doesn't mean those from further afield are excluded! One of the great things about this hobby is meeting new people from far and wide and we certainly have some fantastic workshops lined up this year! So if a workshop takes your fancy this year, get in touch!

Our next workshops are an Intro to Airbrushing at Cardiff's Firestorm Games taught by myself and an Atmosphere workshop taught by Francesco Farabi!  

All the best for the new year,


Competition News

Hey folks!

There were some problems with the packets to Clem, Thor and Artem. The prizes are now again on their way. Please give us a small feedback when they received your home.

Sorry for that!

all the best