The hobbit army: Durin`s Folk

Hello again,

befor you ask,YES I have too much startet Army projects ;-)

..shame on me...

...but who cares? Next army is in line, Durin`s Folk.

As you can see, I use the dwarfs of the new Games Workshop starter box "The Hobbit, Escape from goblin town", some dwarfs from the "lord of the ring" game ,and because I like them, some wariors of the dead.

Let us start with the first steps on the warriors of the dead.

Starting with withe primer and a basecoat of a very light dayglow green. In the end the bodys of the warriors will be paintet as a green flame.

Next step is the armor and wood parts with different brown  tones, painted them wet in wet to do this step very fast.

After this a not to dark green wash by Vajello. 
And now a switch to the dwarfs...

Also the first step are the wooden parts like on the warriors of the dead.

This step tooks much longer than I thought at the beginning, but I love the reasult.

Just to get a better feeling of the colours I paintet at this time the basecoat of the skin and the beard

Wooden parts finished...

Just to paint something different my next step was the background of the banner.

Time for the next brake, I`m not really sure what kind of symbol I will paint in the middle of the banner. Perhaps someone of you will have a idea? Let me know in the comments below.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn


  1. DASS Problem kenn ich auch....
    Mach lieber die Orks weiter :)

    1. Wenn das so leicht wäre...
      Erstmal den Rattenoger für den Wettbewerb in Trier dann mal sehen.
      Der Post is bald online dazu.
      Aber Orks geht auch bald weiter.