Rat ogre #6: details

Hello painters out there,

Details, details, details...

First I started with the wounds. 
I choosed the same blue for the wounds than I used for the water, the shadows on the base and the shadows on the rat to get a connection.

Get the miniature on the base and work on some more details...

 Build up some waves on the water to creat more dynamic.

Add some bushes and grass around the rusted pipe.

Painting blue transitions on the parts where the skin touches the fur.
Extreme slobber to let it look like he has drinking of the water between his feeds.
 Fresh looking blood on the bandage on the head and add along blooddrop under the lowest part.
A great tutorial by our frineds of massive voodoo for this you can find here.

 Little waves of water that flowing over his feeds to get a better conection and let it look more realistic.

Rust and lightreflections at every ring in his skin.
So,only one step is missing. Next part, socket label!

Have a great week, have to paint some more tooght.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn.

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