Rat ogre #5: effects and water

Damn this project getting much bigger than I thought :-)

So, welcome back on the rat ogre project, time for effects and water.
I`m sorry that I have only a few pictures of this step because it is hard to handle with stuff like this and a camera. 

I use stillwater by vajello (can get it at PK-PRO-shop)

This material will be used like normal water. It is very important to build a form that perfect fits, otherwise the stillwater will run out.
Because my base is very bulky I use bluetack to build up my casting mold.

On a earlier project my casting mold was perfect fitting but the stillwater is that much thin that is was flowing through the little cracks of my base.
So this time I build up the water volume in more than one layer to filling the cracks.
Now I have to wait 24 hour till it`s completely dry.

First layer is dry, time for the second one. After the stillwater is on the base I used a toothpick to mix some blue and green in.
And startet also to form a little piece of  transparent plastic for the little waterfall.

Now the funny stuff, watereffects by vajello.
I love this material (also can bye it at PK-PRO-shop)

No fear, just do it.
At this point I try to build the volume of the water to look like not to fast flowing water.
Some more volume where the waterfall meets the water on the bottom.

Time to let it dry...
You see you have to began realy early with this because of the many time it takes to dry.

A simple tutrial about using this stuff you can also find at fantasygames.

Next layer of the stillwater with some blue and green in it.
After it is completely dry I removed the bluetack.

The parts where the bluetack had contact to the stillwater the effect looks blunt. This is easy to fix, just paint a thin layer of the stillwater on this parts, just used like a color.

Next brake.
Next part will be details.

So long, best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn.

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