Rat ogre #4: metallics and rust

Hello again,

this time we come to the fun parts, painting metallics 
(I hate to paint true metal, but want to try it after see the projects of our memeber Stefan aka SkelettetS) 
and playing with water effects.

This is were we start, a base cout of white and black prime.

Best way for me to paint a rusted and weatherd metal is to start with a layer of rust. My absolutly favorite color her are the colors by modelmates (find at PK-PRO-shop). I use the Rust-normal and rust-yellow colors.

I get the best results wenn I paint a first very thin layer of the rust-yellow and dap some random spots of the rust-normal when it`s dry.

Damn I love this stuff! 
Next step is dap some small spots of liquid mask by vajello on with a sponge.
The parts that are covered now ar the parts that will later be rust.

Same steps done on the rat ogre.

The different between the matel on the rat and on the base is small but necessary: The metal on the rat hase one step more, drybrushing with a middle metal tone to get not such a light rusttone. You will understand later.

Very importand is to let the liquid mask dry completely, dont`t use a blowdryer.
 To get a better feeling for the colors I painted 4 different ideas to paint the metal on a primed surface.
After do some brainstorming with friends a mix of Nr. 1 and 3 was the choice:

Base coat is leadbelcher (GW) mixed with some black, shadow with pure black, lighter parts with silver from vajello air range.

Than a glaze with medium blue for the darker parts, a glaze with a medium green for the brighter parts. At last the highlights with "metal medium" by vajello.

 Not easy to get a picture that is ok...
Now rubbing of the masking.

 Some green for the oxide is still missing and some white and black stribes on the weathering for more deepness.

Time for the next brake...
Next part will be effects like the water.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn

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