Rat ogre #3: painting the base

... continue the rat ogre!

Jump in the project and start the next part of the miniature, painting the base:

Some brown tones on the back parts and green tones on the front earth parts...

... after this starting with some dark sea blue and purple in the shadow areas.

This are some steps done together: 
Stones -> color transition from light to dark with ivory, grey, blue, purple, black.
Wood -> same with the colors ivory, a middle flash tone, rinox hide, dark sea blue.
Green waste -> ivory, light green, purple, dark sea blue.

Let`s take a look befor we move on.

... little break.
Next part: true metallics.

So long, best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn


  1. It turns out very cool, but i think you have to harmonise the colors in the Base a little bit.


    1. Thanks,

      yes your right, after the moss and some bushes are added I will do some washes with dark green and brown.