Rat ogre #2: painting skin

Hello painters out there,

Project "rat ogre"! Because of a painting contest in Trier I want to finish this lovely project.
Part 1: building the base you  can find here.

Ok,let us start painting the skin:

I use a 2k priming (black and white) to get a better felling for the lights. Because I want a very bright skin this priming is more white than black.

Next step, I use a basecoat of not to dark purple.

Then I start to set light spots with a mix of leached purpel and a yellow/white tone.

Brighter lights and smoothing the transitions with a glaze of leached purple.

After this I paint the basecout of the fur with a light grey.

Highliths on the fur.

Short brake here, next part will be the armour and the wounds.
So long...

Best regards,
 Michael aka Dellolyn


  1. Yeah, cool colourscheme reminds me of a nice ratogre by bestienmeister. The contrast between grey and purple is really striking.

    "leached purple" thats pretty cool too :)


    PS, any news about the nightgoblin project?

    1. Thanks,

      the ratogre by bestienmeister was the inspiration for this one ;-) Want to loose the "fear" of using high contrast colors.

      The goblin project is still WIP, some painters are not longer in the hobby or dont get the time to paint a goblin so we had to search for other painters who want to paint one. Have some nice painters on my list who want to get in the project, but will take some time to get it all done. But it will definitaly be finished in the futur.