Project: "Gaming Table to Go"! #3 Surface 1

Hello again,

let us start with "Surface 1", "the Hobbit" theme:

You know the Inspiration... know the woodworking.

Next step was to glue some graspapers on the main parts to cover as much as I could with gras.

More Gras and starting to cover the rocks with earth. 

 Picture from a different angle to see that the surface is not only flat.

Covering all rocks with earth and some parts with bird sand to get some differents in the structure of the ground.

Construction is done, now spray all earth and sand parts with black. I spraied a bit over the gras parts to get the transition softer.

 Starting with the painting. At first I painted spots of green, to get the colours clother and creat a natural looking gaming surface.

Add some brown at the bottom parts of the rocks, blue at the top parts, and gray for the edges. After this a green wash to smooth all transitions.

Some detail work will follow in the future, more gras, bushes, small animals, water and highliths.
At last some terrain to stand on the table.

Here a picture to get a feeling of the measure of the gaming table, this is the dwarf army for the hobbit game by Games Workshop.

Next steps I want to do are the last details and starting with the second surface, let us call it "Omaha Beach".
Hope I could get you some inspiration and show you a way to get a gaming surfac done quickly.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn.