Chaos Space Marines Army: "Night Lords" #2

 Hallo again,

this project is very time-consuming. Here is part 2# Basing:
The materials:
- 65mm base
- brickes by juwella
- 2mm balsa wood
- 10mm cork

 The picture in my mind is a destroyed wall of a dugout. 
First I checked how many bricks I need for the wall.

 Very importend, weather the bricks before you glue them on the base. The look much more naturel with broken edges. Upper bricks are naturel, lower bricks are weathered.

Next step,building up the volume of the base with two layers of cork...

... glue the bricks on the cork where the wall should be ok...

...braking of the cork parts of the destroyed wall.

Because the parts of the wall that are broken of falling on the ground, I glued the broken bits randomly around the destroyed part.

 For the base finish I add dried earth to the empty parts and cover some other parts randomly.

 When the base is dry I will add some bits as details.

And here is the first WIP picture of the demon prince conversion.

 And here are the next conversions that are nearly done. 
Cleaning the miniatures feeling like wasting time but I love the result.

Hope you enjoy the project. So much work to do, lets start!
Best regards, Michael aka Dellolyn