Just Sick! Nurgle Army!

Heeeey there painteholics,

With the big bad Virus infection making its rounds I am still unharmed. Why you ask? Because I made a pact with the our beloved jolly old giggling father Nurgle. A big commission work for a client finished a couple of weeks ago and here are the results. Kudos also go out to Ben Komets who first had the idea of those skeleton leaves on the Plague Drones. Looks absolutely stunning!

The Chaos Spawns are conversions formed out of the recent Tyranid Venomthrope Kits while the Maulerfiends are two Maggothlords from the Warhammer Fantasy Kits. I also had lots of fun with the Plague Toad which represents a Chaos Lord of Nurgle on Bike. I think this army will rock like hell on the tabletop and looks good while doing so :D But enough of the yadayada - here are the pics:

Chaos Army of Nurgle 

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