Chaos Space Marines Army: "Night Lords" #1

Good morning out there,

today I want to start with the step by step post of my actually army project: Chaos Space Marines "Night Lords".
I really love the story behind and the codex is perfect to creat a powerful army with a low number of miniatures.

At first there is the plan, here are my inspirations:

As you can see will be the main focus of this army on "bolts" and "bat wings". So my decision is to remove every wasted detail to get enough space for freehands.

Part #1: What miniatures to use and first conversions:

Left side is the miniature before removing the details, right side is after.

 Lower miniature is before removing the details, upper miniature is after.

First step is removing alle the wasted details, second step is buildung up the volume of the bases to get a feeling how to position the miniatures on them.

 Cleand the sholders and cheast. Only the skulls are untouched to use them for the night lords enblem.

Changed the looking of the wings to but wings.
The color of the bikes have to be removed befor filling the gaps with green stuff.

After this steps I have the fundament to cover the base with dried earth and to place some deails. Tutorial of building the base will follow at part 2# Basing.

Till now the project grows like it was planed, hope you like it too.

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn


  1. Hey Michael, what a project. You've done a cracking job to remove all those tiny ornaments and details. I'm really impressed and eager to see more. I like to look at such unique projects a lot.

    1. Thank you Phil,
      I'm a detail freak, and try to creat a easier surfaces to paint on for a great result.

  2. Wow! Beautiful work! What methods to you use for removing detail?

    1. Thanks Josh,
      I remove the main parts with a side cutting plier and overwork the rest like carving wood figures.
      This is a great tutorial similar like I do: