X-Wing and the return of Katan!

Hey there painteholics,

It was pretty quite from my side for far to long. But finally my studies are over and I finished my Thesis with the Master of Arts Degree. Coming from the status of a student I will have to search a Job or try to establish myself a s Freelancer. But in the meantime I plan to get more active in the dimension again. I have a big load of painted Miniatures without any taken photos here and I intent to finally take the time to show them to you :)

I have some plans regarding my miniature related life also as I plan to open a all new studio just to focus on commission work. But more of this part later. Lets start with the reason you're all here:
Miniatures, paints and plastic crack!

I don't know about your area but here in Trier, X-Wing has exploded in a way, I couldn't even think of predicting it. Tournaments are goring like grass and it seems I see two to three new players each time I enter my local hobby store. After playing the game once I can fully understand the hype - and it got me, too. Since I am mainly a hobbyist I didn't want to let those ships prepainted and started to work on some stuff. And then the commissions kicked in - holly molly are those people white-hot about those X-Wing Ships. Here I wanna present to you my first two repaints. As usual I am open for commissions at any time - just shoot me and email :P

X-Wing Lambda Shuttle 

X-Wing T-Bomber

But X-Wing isn't the only new thing I painted. AS I said before I have a big chunk of finished Miniatures laying around I will post in the coming weeks and months. I am currently working on commissions regarding a full Chaos Space marine Nurgle Army, Orks and Goblins Stuff and a pretty special 28mm Metal Gear Solid themed Dungen Crawler Theme. More of all of this ahead. Stay tuned :D

Best Wishes,

Katan aka Simon 


  1. Das Lambda Shuttle gefällt mir richtig gut :-)

    Ja X-Wing rockt derbe finde ich, spiele es selber aktuell sehr oft und gerne, bei mir in der Gegend ist das Spiel ebenfalls sehr gut angekommen.

  2. Dank dir :D ja das Spiel ist schon echt gut. hatte Samstag mein erstes Turnier. lange hatte ich nicht mehr so einen Spass :D bald kommen mehr Bemalungen dazu. Aktuell habe ich einen Auftrag für 2 Firesprays, Decimator, Outrider, Falcon etc etc etc. :D