Big projects need a long time.

Hello tabletop fighters out there,

I spend the most time on our littel junior so time for hobby is very small. Because of this I switched a bit the main focus of my projects.
Vitrine projects have to wait and I spend the whole hobby time at working on army projects.

Two armys and one gaming table is the intent.

Here just some inspirations and ideas...

Army project one: Chaos space marines "night lords".
Project focus:
- low number of minatures
- big, clean surfaces for freehands
- masterclass painted
- but wings
- bases like trenches/dugouts
- maximum conversion

Army project two: orcs "death skulls"
Project focus:
- big number of miniatures
- painting high table top standart
- destroyed city bases
- training fast blendings

Gaming table is not planed yet how to build. But I'm playing with some different ideas like destroyed city, habor town, gully, ... we will see ;-)

More about those later the week. Enjoy the weekand my friends.


  1. Hi Dellonlyn,

    nice to see one other fellow miniature painter dive in an army project. I'm curious to read or even see your first plans on the gaming table too. I'll follow this, that's for sure. :)


    1. That's nice to read, I love your crazy conversions :-)

      The gaming board will become a heavy project, not only the basing. The table it self will become hard work,... but more in the next days :-)