Tribe Chief Morrow

Hey folks!

Long time no hear, so at first a happy new year to all of you paintaholics!

One of my last painting projects last year was very special for me. It was a christmas present to my girlfriend. A long time before she asked me, if I could paint something for her. So it was the best moment to do that. In only three weeks with a good timing, because of she shouldn't see what I did on my workbench, I painted this nice bust. 
The 'Tribe Chief Morrow' is from (atm the side is down, but they will be back soon!). A very cool bust with nice and good sculpted details and an awesome characterist! I put the most work in the face. My intention was to put a lot of different colors and shadings in the skin - and I'm very happy with the result. 

So at first you will find a lot of WIPs. In the end there are some final pics. I'm looking forward to take good pictures of it in the near future. 

A really cool bust!
Easy to prepare and didn´t need much work before to paint.

The leahter was big challenge. Usual I didn't like it to paint, but these bust has big parts of it.
So I have to handle it and learned more about the leather painting.

Apes and scotch! Love it :D

Hope you like it :)

All the best


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  1. Hi,
    this guy looks really awesome. I like the colours and your leather works very well.
    I think i should get my ass up and start some serious painting again...