Krosmaster Duell

Hey there painteholics,

Here's just a quick post about a recent project of myself - A Duell between two characters of the Krosmaster Game. I enjoyed this painting session a lot since the main focus lies at the face of the miniature most of the time and these chibi-characters have enormous heads :P I took this opportunity to tryout some stuff I heard or read about in the last year such as painting freckles and stuff. Anyway here are the pics - hope you enjoy :D

The Green (Night)Goblin

Here the first pic of my Night Goblin for our community painting project :). I will finished him tomorrow and also the final pics. 

I hope you like the idea. I want to do something different from fantasy and 40k :).

Nightgobos and their use of hairspray ...

Hey folks!
 With this post I will give you some small WIP pictures of an old project what should be comes to end in the next time. I'm talking about my Nightgobo for our community projecty. Yeah - it is still running. A bunch of Gobos found their way to Dellolyns place and waiting for much more (including mine) to be placed on a big plinth. 
Today I used the hairspray technique for the old shield. I will try to explain in some words how it works. Here we go!
 Started with a rusty groundcolor combination. For this I used red, brown and orange colors. Mixed them wild together and thats it. 

 After the rusty color basing I paint hairspray on it with an old brush. Quickly I sprinkled salt on it and let it good dry. 
 After drying I painted my shield base color on it. Squiq Orange could be my favourite color for the time :D 
How's that?! The Gobo family is big! Arne aka Sleipnirs Gobo found the way to mine on our last paintingjam. Could you imaging 20 of them on one huge plinth? It should be looking epic :D 
Now I began to scratch of the salt with and wet old brush ...
... to get this appearance. I was in luck that my shield was very good fixed on the upper chains, because I need much more power then I thought before. 
with a knife I brought some more scratches on it and thats it!
The last big step was to paint an elvish symbol on the shield. I used this old painted banner as a template. 
And here we have the final shield. 

Try it by your own! The hairspray technique is very very easy to handle AND very cheap :) If you have more question let me know it!

Enjoy your week, all the best


Tyranid Knight Conversion

Heeey there painteholics,

Long time no read. I guess real Life is getting to me as I am working whole day as a uprising Designer and time is short. But I have not completely given up on painting and converting - just the blogging lacks a little right now. But I wanted to show you my recent work on a big project I worked on. With the release of 7th Edition Warhammer 40k, there is a all new Ally Matrix, basicly allowing anybody to ally with anybody...with the cost of staying 12inches away from each other. I used this opportunity to ally a Imperial Knight to my Tyranid Army. No way, forge the narrative you will say! And I am with you. While I like the fact that I can take other stuff in my army now, I would never ever put the imperial knight model next to my tyranids - its just wrong! So I decided to built myself a big count as model to represent the knight in my army. And while I fell in love with this project I actually wrote a little piece of fluff why the other tyranids stay away from this beast. Enough talk! Pictures you say? Here we go.

Hive Fleet Daggoth Colossus

+++++++ DATASTREAM KRYPTMANN + New Bioform Sighted + Hive Colossus + 54466078.M41 +++++++

The Hive Fleets of Daggoth seem to adapt once more. We introduced super-heavy Wargear to deal with the tyranid thread. The imperial knights of Taranis 
proved to be very effective against the swarm. It seemed as the swarm had no answer to the durability and intense firepower of the imperium's finest. The Knights won several major battles, always killing thousands of tyranid organisms without facing any considerable resistance. The invasion slowed down notably. Then, the Hive Fleet introduced a new organism. We named it simply "Hive Colossus" since this is what it is. A knight-sized, hyper aggressive creature. Its cannon seems to fire a very intense acid, melting through super-heavy armor like nothing and its 10 feet long Bonesword is capable of decompose an imperial Knight in one single strike. But we have also heard reports of this creature attacking its own kind. We assume the Hive Mind sacrificed total control over its minion in order to achieve a hyper aggressive assault-creature. The gestalt is aware of this and other tyranid organisms keep their distance to the raging hive colossus. 

+++++++ DATASTREAM KRYPTMANN + New Bioform Sighted + Hive Colossus + 54466078.M41 +++++++

Sunday evening inspirations ...

Hey folks!

So much happens in the dimension at the moment. We had a huge response on our first competition and the whole crew is working on it a lot of times. We administrate all entries, and prepare them for judging in the end, and talk to much more sponsors to support our curent nice pricepool. So stay tuned, more details will follow in the next weeks! 

But what is the essentials of a painting blog? Correct, it's painting! I had a mighty boost in the last weeks, and enough time to paint, so I want you to give a small view of my finished and curent working project without any big words. Here we go! 

Sorry for the bad picture. Unfortunately I don´t have a good camera right now. But I promise some of the projects are finished and final pictures will follow :)

I wish you a fantastic start in the whole week!

all the best 


Yeah! I'm in!

Hey folks!

I'm very happy these days. A lot of thinks going on very well. Started a new job in a new city where my first week felt very good. In our lovely great thinks take place  too. I had a lot time for painting and so I could improve my painting skills and explore the hobby in a new way. Also we organized our first painting competition. It was a big bunch af brainstorming and administration work, and now it's running with a huge positive response. These small thinks gives me a very good feeling :) Last but not least an other happening came to that. 

My Golden Demon entrie from last year the Nurgle Blood Bowl team made it to the current Warhammer Visions magazine! I'm very honored with that :D 

Exactly two pages after my entry you can find an entrie of my good austrian friend Harald aka Moses. I love his way of painting. He brings the old warhammer humor to his models and uses a very cool range of colors for that. His models gives me always a smile to my face :) 

In the magazine you can find a big bunch of high quality Golden Demon entries. Another fact what mades me very proud that I'm in it (btw, my last name is Hauke, not Hanke^^), my entrie is next to Stefans. I'm always looking up to his painting skills. His range of colors is awesome and always against all mai stream. So it's not unexpected to see.on of his entries in the magazine too! 

Maybe now you can imagine why my mood is so good at the moment. I'm totally motivated to paint the whole night long, and that is my plan for this weekend .... ;)

Enjoy your weekend also with painting soccer and family, and keep your vrushes crossed!

all the best


Announcement! Introducing our Contest New Sponsors

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

First of all we would just like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response we have had to our painting contest! The reaction so far has been incredibly positive, we have had a handful of entries already with many pledging further entries! So thank you for supporting us and sharing our contest far and wide!

So on to the purpose of this post! 5th Dimension Contest news, we have added more contest sponsors to our roster! Figone, White Dragon Miniatures and Big Panda V have all pledge prizes for our contest, taking the number of companies supporting us up to 8 now.

As a little thank you to our sponsors I am going to give a short little introduction to each, hopefully you spot someone new and you find some really cool stuff on the end of there link!

Our New Sponsors

Big Panda V is an online German hobby shop ran by Big Vlado Simic, he shop stocks a whole host of hobby goodies, from miniatures, to plinths, to pigments, to paints, to basing materials! Vlado also blogs over on Die Vincis  

Figone is the an online minis shop founded by the French legend that is Jeremie Bonamant Teboul. On Jeremies store you shall find a whole host of not only his creations but creations from the best French miniature sculptors.  

White Dragon Miniatures is a relative new boy on the block but has already produced models of a very high quality! Alan Crookes, works with incredibly talented digital sculptors to create very detailed kits. Alan is currently preparing for a kickstarter for WDM new high paced, space dog fighting game called Shattered Void!  

Further sponsors will be announced soon! 



A little fun project from me. I always wanted to paint a new beastman and here is my Khornigor. Its not my best work, but a learn a lot with this project and many thank for the feedback to leichtmatrose. It was my entry for the duke of bavaria, because I haven't time for more. For the time I spent on the miniature, I am very happy with the result. But in the future I want to paint some really high class showcase miniature again to show want I can. So I hope you like it nevertheless :)

And here a little teaser of one of two new showcase projects, its a "little bit" green :D!