Fallen Frontiers Miniature Review!

Hello folks!

I have another miniature review for you and it's from Scale Game's Final Frontiers!

I have known about the project since very early on, Elias Alonso, one member of the very talented team at Scale brought some early examples of the models when I invited him over to teach for the Weekend Workshop. Even early on the minis looked fantastic and I've been chuffed to see the range develop over the last year or so. To say I was pleased to get a package in the post from Elias was an understatement!

Below is an example of all 4 races to date, all the casts are really sharp and accurate with no faults. As you can see there are mold lines (as you'd expect) but it didn't take me more than 20 minutes to clean up. They fit together fairly well using asymmetrical ball and joint sockets, or in the case of the Sayx office, a square peg and hole.  

Sculpt wise these guys are top notch! Considering the miniatures are supposed to be for tabletop gaming the detailing and accurate proportions are really good to see.

And now the models cleaned up and put together!

My favourite so far is certainly the Riff Berserkers, the bulk of the anatomy combined with the movement of the sculpts really help draw the eye, they would make a great competition piece I think.

Fallen Frontiers is in it's last 24 hours and it looks like all the stretch goals will be unlocked by the end, if you have yet to take a look you can find their Kickstarter Here!

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