Back in business: Preview of upcoming projects.

Hey hobbyfreaks out there,

it is me a pleasure to tell you that I'm back in business. Little son sleeps well the nights and I get some time to work on projects that had to wait so long time to get a push.

This time I just want to show you some pictures of WIPs, upcoming projects and step by steps that are in line for the next weeks/month.

 ... the orc army, slowly but growing...

 ... two boys as sample, the base will become a desert scheme...

 Look like they will working good on the gaming table later.

Some of my started projects, ideas that want be realised.

This and some special projects like the orktruck (vitrine painted) and the exchange miniature for my friend Sara will fill the freetime in the evenings for a long time.

Feel free to comment and say what you like or what you don't like. 
If you want to read a steb by step or just want to know what materials you need to try it by your own, let me know in the comments.

Enjoy the week, yours Michael aka Dellolyn. 

1 comment:

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