Killer of Dragons

Hey folks!

Long time ago I published a review about a nice bust from Tartar Miniatures called "Killer of Dragons. Here you can read the REVIEW FROM 2013. Sometimes good things need time to get good, and so more than 1 1/2 year later the bust is finished painted. It was my first bust that I completed and I enjoyed every minute of painting. The cast is very good and fine sculpted. To paint all the great details gone good and at leats I'm totally fine with my work. In the end you will find some WIP pictures with some notes about my doing. Hope you like him!

WIP shots:

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  1. I would add some gloss varnish in the eyes! As I saw it in real, it is really great!

  2. He looks sad for killing the Dragons. :( I don't know if I would ad varnish to the eye or paint a catch light. I have never painted a bust before. You did a good job threading the line between graphic and realistic with the face an armor.