Halloween is coming ....

Hey folks!

One week left to Halloween. So I took the chance for a small quick scary and dirty project. I bought this small bust at the Scale Model Challenge two weeks ago. Unfortunately I can't remember who sculpetd this or the name of the company. Maybe someone  could me in this, because the range of the sculpts was very very nice and I would like to know the name. Anyway, this one shall be a quick paint job, and I hope to finish it in the coming week.

At first I did some small conversions. But all in all the bust is very cool how it is and it would be nice too to paint it out of the box. 

Priming ...

And ready to go! 

Started with a wet in wet massacre. 

And some more layers in different colors.

It's almost finished. In the next days I will add some more color layers to skin. The good thing is that there is slot of space to play with different skin colors. And at the mo I have no ideas about the eyes, but I'm certain that I will find a creative solution. At least some more variations with blood and slime. Thought about to use blue blood instead of the comon red one by Tamyia. We will see ...

So keep your bloody eyes open and stay tuned! 



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