"Redbeard!" Part2

Good afternoon painters,

Voting of our contest is nearly done and I found some time to work on my project "Redbeard".

This was the last picture of the project:

All pictures during the building you can find in Part1

 And here are my colorchoice for the mainparts of the base...

Started with a basetone of mahagoni brown for the earth, highlights one with graveyard earth, second highlight with kommando khaki, after this the shadows with a mix of mahagoni brown and matt black.

The top level of the base parts i want to have a kind of green brown mix like the bottom of a forrest.
Bastone was a mix of jade green and dark green, first highlight camouflage green and second highlight scorpion green. Shadows where painted with pure dark sea blue.

I only have this bad picture taken after this steps, sorry for that :-(

After all i used this colors as wash, to let the colors better work together. Dark green wash, European Dust wash and thinned down rhinox hide.

That is my result after this steps.

Next steps will be some drybrushing, details (roots,etc...) and more highlights.

Hope you like it,
best regards, 

Michael aka Dellolyn

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