Race to Golden Demon UK

Hello everyone, I hope you are well!

It's been awhile since I've posted, so sorry for that! I'll try to keep things more regular from now on :)

Right! Below is one of my planned entries for Golden Demon this year, it's my interpretation of Tiktak'to, a Lizardman hero. This is a in idea I've had ever since I started researching my Slann mage priest diorama,  the inspiration from a piece of Lizardman artwork (see below), it had a really cool flying monster in the background and I instantly added it to my to do list!

Unfortunately, this project will be quite rushed, with all the doubt over the future of Games Days, I hadn't actually planned anything for Golden Demon. I had hoped that Games Day Germany would return, but obviously that great event has now been permanently crippled. So, it seems like I am stuck with GDUK, hopefully I can grab a demon this year and be done with GW painting competitions! (Until the 'foreign' demons return of course ;))

Below is my interpretation of Tiktaq'to. I've made a few tweaks to what comes out of the box, the helmet has changed and his bones sword is now a halberd (because really, who is he going to hit with that tiny sword!). The ripperdactyl has also changed, he has a nice pair of out stretched wings and an extended double tail, I've also bent his head up and changed how the rider grips on to his steed. Conversion wise both are finished, although I will be adding a few ribbons to aide the movement.

Below is mainly progress on the base, it's about two weeks of work so far. The idea with the scene is the ripperdacyl will be swooping down and around to attack an enemy, the model will be sorted via the bottom wing which will be skimming through the river below (so ignore the brass rod!). At the moment the painting is still fairly rough, the boulders and border rocks have had some quick acrylic highlights, shades and definition, then an oil wash to break up the grey by adding several tones of colour and then pigments on top of that to help add texture and soil, these rocky sections will have foliage glued all over them, so am not too concerned if they look 100%.

Other than that the glyphs have had a quick airbrush. I am still a little stuck on the giants causeway inspired columns, I know I want to add texture, but am not sure what colour they need to be.

What does everyone think? Will the piece work for GDUK?



  1. Don´t if it works for GD, as this is really hard to say.
    But it looks really good sofar. The basaltic rock should be way darker i think.


  2. Whoa, love how you did the reliefs. I think the figure looks pretty awesome too... Better hurry :)

  3. Thanks for the comments chaps, much appreciated!

    @Harald, I agree, the thought for the basalt was almost black, will have a play with it today and see what I can do :)

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