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Hello world! Not updated here at the dimension much lately because of the super hot weather lately (do'h!) and even a bigger reason - metal breakdown regarding my lack of time for hobby activities. I will try to improve the frequency of updates a little from now on though. So here is a small fast one...

A little fishy...
So ive kept myself struggling with another regiment, which was finished some days ago. Greatswords, Stir River Patrol. Pretty much everything everything except a sign is done and im pretty happy, although its the last regiment ill paint for a long time. First guy felt awesome to paint, second guy felt ok, third guy "ooooookay", forth guy "ah, maaaaan", then torture begun, lol!

I originally painted them for the polish Hussar competition in october, but now also the golden demon competition in UK (dont ask me why lol) the weekend before Hussar... busy busy October, I will attend both this events, probably.

Some other random stuff i work on...

Basework for that Nurgle demon i was working on last winter, time to finish that bugger now!
Everyone loves cork, yeh?

Some shoulderpads for an Emperors Children space marine for a 40k single mini entry. Don't look at them too long though, or they'll break! lol

Ive also booked flight to the Monte San Savino show in Italy in November, never been to italy so its going to be a blast. Hope to see many of you at these events!

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  1. Your painting skill is so heavy fella. Looking forward to the base of the deamon, that project have potential to get you best :-)