The Priest 2.0

Hey folks!

Today I had the pleasure to get professional help in photographing some of old and new projects. On you will find some more nice pics by her.

The new photo series I will start with an old one called "The Priest". If you like can check out some WIP shoots here in PART1 or PART2.

You can find more pictures on: 

Feel free to vote, it would be a pleasure for me ;)

All the best



  1. Sir, could you tell me what color of blue you used on the NMM Warhammer? I've been trying to capture this with my NMM steel lately.

  2. Hey benjibairdable (what a heavy nick to type it in ^^)!
    I didn´t use any blue in this miniature. All NMM colors basing on standard GW black, grey and white colors. Actually there is a shade of red tone on some parts. You will find it in the middle of the hammer.