Sneaking Shadow #1

Hey folks!

It was always a wish for me to paint a mini in the SiFi style of Infinity and co. But I'm not a big fan of the Infinity mini itselves (shame on me^^). So I was always on search. One day I visit my new local hobby store TableTopShop here in Hamburg City. In the sales corner I found a small nice miniature by the company MERC. The mini has what I'm looking for:  A SiFi suit what looks like a stealth combo, a facemask to paint OSL and a knife and a pistol as weapons. And a sneaking posture. Everything perfect for an assasine appearence! 
So the mini was mine. After a couple of days I started to create the base. At the moment I'm a big fan of "tower bases" like I did it at my undead nightwatch. In this project I would like to repeat it. Further more I'm in a mood to do different kinds of weathering on metalic parts like rust, old colors, oil effects and many more. With the mini by MERC and these wishes the idea was to create an assasines sneak in an industrial sourrounding. 
In this first post of the project I would like to show you how I did the base. I would say the most pictures speaking by there selves, so I will only write some words at important points on the building. 

The plastic card is glued on cork. It gives more stability and the cork should be my wall backsides of the building later on. 

I choosed these unusal directions for the metal plates on the wall to support the posture of the miniature. It gives the miniature more focus and that is an important point in this project. The "tower base" format could grab the attention of the main element, the miniature. So I'm always keep this in my mind at the most steps of all processes like building and painting. 

The next steps were easy. Cutted lines with a sharp blade where I drawed my sketches before. Made them wider with a small file.

These draws are for the metal rivets. I drawed a lot of them in the plastic card ...

... and it was a lot of work too to drill not to deep holes in it. For the rivets I used small globules from the inside of an used water filter. 

These parts are from Kyle bought them for me on the Salute at the beginning of this year. I really love the parts! Zhey are so detailed and have a very cool look so I used a lot if parts for this project. Okay, you need a little bit of experience in handling of small tiny and filigran parts, but with enough patience and a little bit care at the handling it is good to work with the parts. I will use them a lot on my next project, AND there is a fantasy sprue also on my workbench :)


With a lot diffrent parts of plastic cards I start the building of the crane. My goal was it to create a machine that should looks like a real machine. If you see that you should think "This machine could really work!". 

And here we have the complete machine. As you can see, I put a lot details. I would say thats an important part for more realism. And that is again important for a (hopefully) cool looking miniature in the end. 
In the next part I will share my thoughts with you about the next details and show you how they will take place in the creation. 

So stay tuned!

All the best 



  1. This is a really amazing basing work! I like it a lot

    1. Thanks a lot Sara :) Had a lot of fun to built that!