Sneaking Shadow #2

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Today my next part of my current project "Sneaking Shadow". If you missed part one, you can read it HERE again.
The industrial tower base is almost finished at this point. At least I would like to show, how I created the last details before painting. As the crane on the top of the base it was very important for me to create a high level of details. The mass of details gives the model a realistic and interesting look and it is exciting for the viewer’s eye to explore more and parts of the story.

The ground of floor got splitted in two levels. The lower level is the maintenance ground with a lot of cables, pipes and hoses. For me they are an important part to support the industrial look, but again they get colored very dark later on to keep the attention on the assassin. 

The second level is the main level where the workers and soldiers do their daily work. I built my base not squared in all directions. The wall isn’t parallel to the socket cuboid.  So I used a simple paper template to cut the metal raster to the correct position. Everytime I create special forms in an unusual shape, I try to use a template. Almost an ordinary piece of paper is enough for that.

Later on I changed the metal raster, because the old one had to big holes inside.
Check out these awesome etch parts by The small screw heads are awesome! 
I need more of them^^ 

The frontside is finished. Lets go to the back  …

The idea was to create a view of the ground in his different layers. So the industrial building could be a bunker, which one is built into the earth. Furthermore it was important for me to create an interesting backside. The viewer should be surprised when he turn around the creation.

I used two of my favourite putties: Revell “Plasto” for the wall of the building, and two different kinds of artist putty. Different in the strengths of the grain size.

With different kinds of sand and a plant I gave the finished look to the backside.

At least I put “Revell Plasto” on the wooden surfaces of the plinth. The putty conveys a more stoneish  look and fits better to the rest of the creation. Lust but not least it gives the the holder a nice feeling when he keeps it in his hand. Try it by your own to know how I mean that ;) 

As next: How I paint it!

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