Robots ... #3

Hey folks! 

Here comes my third part of my robotic creation. The most colors are finally on the base. As next I would like to show you how I finished everything. If you  missed the first two parts, klick HERE for Part#1 or HERE for Part#2. 

This was how my creation looked after I finished the "actors" and the base. But what does a good artist need to do his job? Correct! Colors and other tools to paint.

 At least my creation needed more details for a good storytelling. With more or less easy tools and methods I created some color cans, oil tubes and cOILa cans. For the most parts I used plastic card sheets and tubes.
Sorry for the bad pictures. It isn´t easy to take shape pictures on these small parts, only with a mobile.

I used metalfoil to create the newspaper. 

The black parts in the front are parts from an old computer.

At least: Paint it!  

Before I start to paint small freehands I always try to sketch it near the place where it should be placed later on. It is a good practice and I can controll better the size of the motive. Then I always use very thin colors to do the first lines of the freehand. thin because it is always easier to clean it after I did errors at painting.

The competition time is over. At the moment all entries will be showed day by day on the Massive Voodoo blog. You can find my entry in the third part HERE at least. But I really recommend you to watch out all other entries. In the end there will be around 40 entries! The creativity is awesome and it makes much fun to watch them all :)

As next and last part I will show you the final pictures of the diorama. So stay tuned and watch out out blog! 

So enjoy your day .....

but don't forget our own painting competion. Around ten days left! Don´t miss is it ;) 

For more information klick HERE.


  1. Very impressive diorama ... lovely use of colours on the robots too.

  2. Yeah, great project. I really like A R T ´s mustache. This makes him look like a real artist.

    And holy s##t, only 10 days left?
    I was so focussed on finishing my bots to the 15th so i was 100% sure that your contest also ends on the 15th. Time to head to my brushes ;)