Robots ... #2

Hey folks!

Today I will show you my next steps in painting on my project by the Forged Hope Contest by Massive Voodoo. If you have no clue what I'm talking about check out my first part HERE

After my concept for the cration is clear and everything is built, it's time for paint! The base should fell in the backround. Later on there shall be two actors and a lot of details on the base, so that it is very important to keep the viewers eye on all these main attraction. And here are the ladies:

For the basic colors of the robots I used my airbrush. I took the two contradictory colors blue and orange to get a good contrast later on. 
For more contrasts I took a brush to get more brighter and darker colors in it. With a sponge and a detail brush I created the weathering effects. 

A primed base looks always looks good for a good first result, and works good for the motivation to move forward. 

The coloring of the base is based on wet in wet painting. Brings fun, and always a good result. The colored dots were experiments. For that I choosed the same colors, which one I used in the bots. The idea was to bring more focus on the actors later on. 

Here will start one of my facourite parts of the project. The painted picture of the orange robot. At first I did some small sketches of my motive. With some easy lines I began to bring the picture on the canvas. 

With more and more darker lines and some blendings the picture getting more to the end. 

The picture should looks unfinished, because the blue bot #A.R.T.1 is in the current progress of painting. 

My bots got a visit of good friends while their was in  progress. Arne aka 'Sleipnir'
came over for a small painting jam. That meeting was very motivationsl for both of us, and both projects got a massive boost!

#A.R.T.1 got more and more details. 

The green stripes was a first color schema, but I decided to paint them in a darker red. The green one looked good, but on the whole scene it would be to intensive. It would catch to much focus on all. Every time you paint a miniature take an eye on the whole creation. You should know, which part shall get the most attention. 

Our main artist is finished. The modell also and colors and grass are on the base. In the next part of Robots ... I will show you how I created the details and my last steps on finishing. 

Take it like #A.R.T.1 and go to your brushs! Stay tuned and enjoy your day!

all the best 



  1. I love your Has so much passion and style. I like the Leonardo mustache.It's two great pieces of Art!

    1. And the security protocol of your Blog made me laugh loud -"prove that your not a robot" :-D

  2. Superb piece of work - I really like it