"Redbeard!" Part1

Hey miniature fans out there,

Here are the first staps of my project "Redbeard" for a nice painter friend, Sara aka Saruxaxa.
It all starts with the miniature "Derkin" by Nocturna.

Very nice sculpted and very great copy. I definitelly will order more miniatures by the.
Next step was the idea for the base. I normaly take the miniature in my hand and play in my mind with places where this miniature could work great.
And for this project I choosed a very special idea, the "flying islands" from the movie Avatar.

I build a round plinth for this idea with a hole in the middle. The scene should be big but looking "light". So take a look, and let my know what you think about.

 ...and primed...

Enjoy the weekand and stay creative! And don't forgett our competition ;-)

Good luck!!!


  1. Creative, inspired and excellent!

    1. Thank you Phil, I only try to build the pictures in my mind. Sometimes it works ;-)

  2. Intersting and very inspiring. I have been trying to make a stone and rock-effect for one of the Blue Wizards (in the LotR-world) and this was really good to see, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, have fun trying. Let us know how it works :-)

  3. That is down right sexy. Looking forward to the end result