5 questions to Gus Kearns

Hey folks!

You are not alone! We are not alone! The hobby scene goes more and more bigger. I´m certain that there are more hobby nerds outside as we know. A lot of them are friends, they know each other, chat to each other - paint together. In these big bunch of boards, blogs and webpages some of them speaks to the community with daily (not us ;) ) or not daily threads and articles.  It is good how it is and more than this it supports the community in any way. 
With this new category "5 questions to ..." I wanna give some artists a voice to introduce themselves. Some of them have no own platform to speak to the community, some of them I would like to support with their doing because my feeling speaks to me, and the other one are simply good friends of mine. To keep it exciting you will find a lot of pictures by the interviewee in the articles and one or two special questions to maybe unexpected abilities or  approaches to parts of the hobby.

But before I will start with the article, I would like to give a small reminder on our first painting competition! The time is running, a lot of entries always received us and the prize pools getting bigger and bigger ;) So klick HERE to get more informations!

Today I would like to talk to Gus Kearns. I met him the first time on the Games Day in Cologne in 2013, later on again in Berlin to Matt Cexwish painting class. I was always impressed by his creativity in his miniatures. Then he shows me his artbook and was more stunned! But read it by your own ...

1. Hello Gus! Please let us start with some facts about you. Where are you from, how old are you and how long are you in the hobby?

Hey all, I'm Gus and I am originally from Sydney, Australia where I grew up until I was 14. I now live in football mad, Liverpool, UK with my family. I am 22 years old and have a part of the hobby for 11 years now.  Man, that's half of my existence on this earth!

2. How would you describe your way of doing in the hobby? Are there for example any models, themes, colours, products, techniques, special likes or anything else what you prefer?
Firstly I should state that I have had a preference for the Lord of the Rings miniatures for many years now. This is probably because I prefer miniatures sculpted with a more realistic anatomical style. The past few years I have been branching out from lotr and have been painting figures from Rackham to Warhammer.

At the moment my main artistic focus has to be on concept and story. I havefound that many things are secondary to the overall concept of a miniature; from the colours I choose, to the placement of the surrounding scenery.  For example, I wouldn't paint a miniature that is meant to be in a cave with
bright colours but I might add a few bright accents here and there if it added something to the overall story.

3. Additional to your sculpting and painting skills, your are a an artist with the pencil. When you paint your beautiful sketches in your artbook, what's going on in your mind? What importance does have drawing for you?
Haha, thanks Siggi. For me drawings are pure concept. Drawing is an immediate way in which I can translate the truth I see in the world around me into an art. And in that translation I try to remember what I have learned about the subject I have drawn.  Drawing has helped me in better understanding colour and light. It is also very relaxing.

When I sketch down an idea for a scenic base for a miniature, I can play around with the composition of the scenery to my hearts content without having to worry about wasting time. And I know that I am on to a great
conceptual idea before I have even started work in the figure.

4. You are a good mate by our blogger John aka 'darkmessiah'. Please tell our european followers some facts about the british painting community. 
Having been brought up in OZ It is great to live so close to Warhammer World, headquarters and the heart of Games Workshop. Also, through the weekend workshops held up here in Liverpool, John has introduced me to many amazing UK and European painters. I have been so lucky to have moved here of all places.
But there are cons too.  I do get the feeling that the UK has a smaller dedicated painting community than those in Europe which is unfortunate.

5. How would you explain the hobby to a stranger and what is it what keeps your heart burning for the hobby? 
I love this hobby because it is an art form which involves so many different skills; from sculpting, to painting, to basing and visual storytelling. Once I get tired of sculpting I can get involved in the painting side of things and visa versa.

Here is your place for any last words to our followers:
Keep up the painting all! As my Italian and German friends would say, ciao!

Thanks a lot Gus!

If you want to see and know more about Gus Kearns check out his


  1. Hey Gus,

    you are a cretive Artist! Had the chance to see your drawing book on Gamesday Germany 2013, really love that.
    And your sculpting is also really nice.
    And now I have to see you are also a great painter :-) hope we meet again next year.

    *Thumbs up*

  2. haha, thanks Michael! It was awesome to meet you too!

    I am always checking out the cool projects you are constantly putting together. After looking at you guys I think that there is still much for me to learn and develop. Currently working on my terrain/scenery skills to bring more life to my bases. Awesome stuff!

    See you around man, take it easy!