Wedding present projekt: #1 "plinth" and preparing of the miniature

He painters out there,

it's time to show you my first steps of the "wedding present project" for the wedding of my brother.
The idea behind is a kind of the oldschool jewel cases with a ballerian dancing in the middle of the opened box.

I have finished the jewel case a few weeks ago, here are some pictures of this process.

Bottom and the "hole" in the backround is my place for the basing. Have not decided yet what the basing will look like. We will see ;-) 

The miniature:

I choosed this limited miniature "Maria Poppets and Albert" sculped by Sebastian W W Archer from Guild of Harmony. A very great work, so much little details, very great sculpted faces, just perfet for my idea. "But" I had to change some parts...
I removed some steampunkt details and build a little guitar for Albert (because my brother goes nowhere without his guitar).

I really enjoy this project, hope the result will be like my picture in mind :-)

If you have a idea for the basing, let me know in the comment. Every tip will be great as inspiration.

Best regards and have a great week, 
Michael aka Dellolyn


  1. this is beautiful michael! I hope your brother like it.

    1. Thanks sara, I hope so too. He has also learnd carpenter, he'll see the work that's in this case and he asked me many times if I could paint him a miniature :-)

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