Two Mates, two Monks! #1

Hey folks!
Do you know the beautiful miniature the "Happy Monk" sculpted by Ernst Veingard and painted by Ben Komets? If not you should take a look on it HERE. What a great sculpting! And what is better than one happy monk? Yeah! Two happy monks! 
Micha and me was in luck to get one each. I bought mine directly by Ben (at that time made in resin) around two years ago and Micha got his one (in metal) as a donation from Painting Buddha for the unexpected long delivery time of the season 1.1 dvds. 
As well Micha as me are realy enthusiastic to paint this miniature and so we decide to start it as a mates project. To paint the same miniature is a nice motivation for each of us and with shared posts with views on our current status of the monk, we can help us to get a nice and attractive final result. With this new episode "two mates, two monks" we wanna share our happy monk painting with you. But let us start with some thoughts from each artist about the new project ...

Michas thoughts:
My thoughts are based on my way to start and build up a project. I learned at my job as carpenter do work with the material you get. Wood is everytime different and you have to thought about you will use it to get the best result.
Same at miniaturepainting; As I got the monk, I closed my eyes and thought about what is missing to to let it look "right". Like a picture without a backround, and you have to complete it.

My picture should be a monk, searching his centre in wilderness. Mainfocus at "ballance", "nature" and "silence".

A pale in a silent pond with virgin nature around the monk.

Siggis thoughts:
Even if I repeat myself, it´s a beautiful miniature. The casts are awesome and I love the atmosphere of the monk. Away from warriors with angry faces the monk conveys peace, love and harmony. Usual I have a showcase near by my desktop with all finished minis inside. But this mini is perfect to get a nice piece for my main living room. The size and the theme is great to be a decorative element. The idea is to build the base directly on the wooden plate which one you can see on the picture below. To keep it save of my "flat tigers", my cats Kalle and Samy (its the nickname of his real name Sam, which was inspired by the Hobbit from the LotR^^), the whole project shall get a glassy dome on it. I will keep the colors very traditional in red/orange for the clothes. The skin gets a more yellowish tone. The base itself is going to be traditional again. The monk stands on a small hill with stairs, grasses and more nature. 
I really enjoy the project because I love the mini and the theme so much. So I'm looking forward to paint again on the monk as soon as possible :)


  1. really nice figure, I paint one for myself right now. Hey Siggi, dont forget to paint the lower part of the trousers (Bündchen) orange!

    Greetz Florian

  2. It's a great figure indeed. Sculpted by Ernst Veingard he is, not Ben Komets ;)

  3. Thanks for that hint Roman. I added him in the text.
    @Florian: I would say there is a new part of clothes in the lower parts.