Review - Mproyec's Grunkful The Forgotten

Hello everyone I hope all is well!

Today has been a pretty good day for me! I slept pretty good, my replacement sponson weapons came for my Malcador Infernus, my football team, Everton signed man mountain Romelu Lukaku and! After a weeks delay my dwarf arrived from Mproyec!

So for anyone who hasn't seen the model before, this is Grunkful, he is 75mm in scale, sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre, actual height of the model is 62mm (to the elbow), it's cast in resin and can be found here for 56.95 Euros.

First impression after opening the box is hugely positive, despite it looking deceptively simple, the model is just full of subtle detail. The skin is full of scars, veins and micro volumes, the axe head has a large amount of delicate scroll work, the dwarfs face, hair and beard.... I can only guess the amount of hours. Every single part of this model has texture and detail.

Cast wise, for the majority of the model, its excellent, some of the cleanest and sharpest parts I've seen, however, the cast isn't perfect. The axe has a mould line running up and down the haft and over the dwarf's knuckles, not great, it's cutting through detail, but it's 15 minutes work to remove and in all honesty I doubt you'd get a much better soloution. The right hand also has a mould line running through the palm, but that's an easy fix!

Below are all the parts before clean up! (Expect the end of the pony tail, I might have gone into auto pilot when I open the package and just glued it on :p)

And the completed model! Make sure you click the pictures for a more detailed view!

So, if I skipped back in time, would I buy the model again? The simple answer is yes! The model itself is incredibly evocative and aggressive, the emotionality shown will allow painters to unravel epic tales around him, a quality that is actually quite rare. The size of him will also give him a lot of impact at competitions, something I am eager to take advantage of!
At 57 Euros, he aint cheap! I had been eyeing up the new Life Miniatures Soviet bust, but I decided I wanted to work on something a little more challenging. The 8-9 day delay in shipping did give me a touch of frustration, however MProyec being a relatively small and new company getting over 100 models out the door was never going to be easy.
Overall I am a happy chap, I know exactly what I am doing with the base, I just need to spend some time working out how his skin will look!


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