Caesar - Ape Bust

Hey all you painters out there! Been a while since I posted over here, but things have been a bit busy with work!

One of the bigger projects I have been working on is this great Ape Bust from Giorgos Tsougkouzidris. A really great up and coming artist coming from Greece that is doing up some amazing busts these days. Check out his collection from his Facebook page here.

This is actually one of his smaller pieces with it only being 8cm tall. But it still packs a ton of details in it, and really driving me to try new things!

The first thing I have tried was to create a base on the bust socket. I have seen this done a few times in the past, and it can be a real hit or miss. Hopefully this is more of the former than the latter ;)

My thoughts for this is to recreate a small scene that the Caesar from Planet of the Apes might be in. So more of the overgrown city scene, with the forest beginning to overtake it. Hence the branch, and the concrete looking sections. I plan to put some foliage on it as well, but am still undecided on the how!

I painted him in a really grey-ish tones, and muted facial colors so far. I won't go too deep into the face aspects as it will get covered in warpaint soon enough.

The only thing I did not keep in so far as the originals from the movie was Caesar's eyes. In the movies they are green, and look humanish.. but for this piece I wanted it to be like he still has a bit of his monkey side in him. So have moved back to the original black with brown iris's.

Will see how well it goes as I continue painting it up!

Now if only I was not part of the 5th-dimension crew, let alone a judge for the upcoming contest.. cause I would then be entering this into the Tall Tales category for sure!

If you haven't done so already, have a look at the details in this link here, and put paint brush to models! Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries coming up!

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