Announcement! Introducing our Contest New Sponsor

Hey folks!

Today is a fairly large painting contest update! We have several bits of news, but first...

Our medals are officially completed! If you'd like to see how they were created then you are in luck, as John shall be writing a short article on how he created them in the few weeks!

Next! We are happy to announce more contest sponsors!

The first up is tabletop-art. They sell bases, bits, accessorires, terrain, fantasy football and more.
For our contest they will build us some special stuff for the prizes. You'll see :).

Next is Kellerkind Minatures. Their range includes a whole host miniatures and accessories, beginning with historical miniatures to apocalyptic warriors and survivors. If you would like to know more about the founder of the company Martin Hille you should CLICK HERE to read an interview with him in our new article series "5 questions to ...". 

Also joining us is a new British company called Guild Ball. Created by Mat Hart and Richard Loxam, Guild ball is a medieval football game set in a pseudo-historical world. After a successful kickstarter Guild Ball are starting to produce some cracking figures! You can check out there digital sculpts, prints and casts on their Facebook page

The sponsors do no stop there though as Christian Hardy and Stephan Camossetto will be sending us a few of there new Shindo'Ni sculpt to give away. Christian and Stephan are two very talented French sculptors based in Marseille who will be producing a new range of 32mm figures! If you'd like to buy Shindo'Ni, you can find details on Christian's blog!

And all the winners will also receive two different plinths build by our member Dellolyn. The plinths are still in work but here you can see a preview of them.

A big THANK YOU to the new sponsors! If you would like to support us too, send us an email to
It would be a pleasure for the community ;)

For more information about our contest look here.

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