5 questions to Georg "GeOrc" Damm

Hey folks!

You are not alone! We are not alone! The hobby scene goes more and more bigger. I´m certain that there are more hobby nerds outside as we know. A lot of them are friends, they know each other, chat to each other - paint together. In these big bunch of boards, blogs and webpages some of them speaks to the community with daily (not us ;) ) or not daily threads and articles.  It is good how it is and more than this it supports the community in any way. 
With this new category "5 questions to ..." I wanna give some artists a voice to introduce themselves. Some of them have no own platform to speak to the community, some of them I would like to support with their doing because my feeling speaks to me, and the other one are simply good friends of mine. To keep it exciting you will find a lot of pictures by the interviewee in the articles and one or two special questions to maybe unexpected abilities or  approaches to parts of the hobby.

I met Georg three years ago on his own painting class in Berlin. Later on we met each other on a concert and figured out that we have more the same interests than painting. So we became good friends. Georg do always shares his own knowledge in painting to me, and with his hints I became a better painter. Thanks mate!
I tell you a secret: He will conduct a next painting class this year. So if you would like to know how he won so much demons in the last couple of years stay tuned on www.5-th-dimension.com. More informations about the painting class in the next days! But before lets have a chat to Mr. Damm!

1. Hello Georg! Please let us start with some facts about you. Who are you, Where are you from, how old are you and how long are you in the hobby?
Hello Siggi! My real Name is Georg Damm. My origin lies in a small village in the south east of Germany near to the French boarder. I am at the age 35 and in the painting hobby since 16 years now. However my step into arts was a lot earlier. Ever I had some interests in drawing and painting. With age of 8 I paint my first nude portrait which gives me some serious troubles in school. With age of 14 I painted my first miniature which was from the classic MB Game Hero Quest. After a longer break I started 1998 with painting my first Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves Army, which becomes a never ending love.

Executioner Painted in 2011. Part of a unit which won bronze Golden Demon Germany - Fantasy Unit - 2011
Herald of Tzeentch. Bronze Golden Demon Germany - Warhammer Single - 2013
2. How would you describe your way of doing in the hobby? For example are there any models, themes, colors, products, techniques, special likes or anything else what you prefer?
I would describe myself as a very analytical and structured person. In consequence I ended in real life persueing a scientific career. This background also influence my way doing projects and paint jobs. Being a Control Freak I prefer a very clean and very structured way of painting. Therefore I prefer NMM techniques because these give my total control of the light situation. Additionally I am a very technique focused painter and known for very qualitative colour blendings and fine lining works. In consequence I prefer less pigmented colours like Games Workshop Layer range because these allow smoother colour transitions. My colour range itself is warmer orientated. I also painted some bluish stuff but green colours are missed nearly completely.

 Dark Elf Princess on Cold One. GeOrcs first Golden Demon Trophy: Gold Golden Demon Germany - Warhammer Single - 2003
3. You won a lot of prizes at the Golden Demon show in the last years. How would you describe that what you did at the beginning in 2003 comparing to your skills today?
At the GD competition In 2003 I am becoming successful with starting using brighter colours. In general this is a success receipt which has not changed when fighting for the trophies but in 2003 this and a technical good paint job was sufficient to be successful. We painted wargaming miniatures but this has changed during the years. Meanwhile these projects are little pieces of art and beside a technical very good paint job factors like atmosphere, story telling and Freehand skills are required to be competitive.

Dr. Doom and his demons. More infos about this:
Dark Elf Death Hag. Sculptured from scratch by an Warhammer Online Artwork
4. Comparing to other High Level Showcase painters, you prefer to paint more units or even whole armies on a showcase level. Where did you take your long breath to that, and why do you like it?
I started my tabletop career as many others out of the gaming itself. The first impressions burning in my head were the pictures of units and armies from the old WHFB rule book and bestionary of 5. Edition.

Beastmen army
Dark-Elve army
Warband of Tzeentch
Painting a trooper and putting it into the cabin to his unit into its army revives the same joy like a decade ago when starring in awe at warhammer armies. Therefore I never get tiered to paint an additional trooper to complete the big picture staged in my showcase. Looking regularly at my armies motivates me then to add further projects. It is like the story of the development of a single character, becoming a chieftain, leading a battleforce and then become commander of an army. There is some kind of evolving element which gives me some kind of pleasure and makes you addicted gaining the next level.

5. How would you explain the hobby to a stranger and what is it what keeps your heart burning for the hobby?
When people ask me what I do in my spare time I describe the hobby always as what it is: Painting miniatures. If I get some strange views a show some pictures and in most case this is enough to turn scepticism into curiosity.

For myself the hobby is and was always an important pillar for my inner balance. When life served you lemons there was always the hobby I could count on. Painting a miniature, enjoy its completion, share it with the community and develop yourself a bit further offered a piece of control when everything else around you drowns in chaos. Today there is not less chaos than in my younger years but the hobby is still in reach at my workbench in the next room.

GeOrcs must succesful winning entry outside of Germany:
Slaangor, Beastman of Tzeentch. Gold Golden Demon France - Warhammer Single - 2007
Here is your place for any last words to our followers:

I will use these last words to say thank you to all the people who joined me so far on this journey. I am grateful for all the crazy people I met and who shared with me the joy of painting. A bunch of these great guys become closer friends and meanwhile more ties linked us than only our hobby. This will be also my recommendation to the people out there: Take time, go outside and meet all these painters out there. Enjoy Meetings, Sessions and Workshop. In the end it is relations with people that give life its real value!

here you can see Georgs latest Workshop
miniature he prefers for his Blending Lessons.

Thanks a lot Georg!

If you want to see and know more about Georg Damm check out his facebook fanpage Putty & Paint gallery CMON gallery Webside/ Blog

Project topics at www.Tabletopwelt.de


  1. Awesome interview with an outstanding painter/artist! I´m a big fan of his way of painting.
    Keep up the inspirational work, Georg!

  2. Question 6: Hey Georg, did you ever win a slayer sword?

    1. Mr. Anonymous,
      Slayer Sword, I never get one. I was three times close to that and in discussion but finally did not made it.
      2006 Witch elf Unit: Unit on highest level but I get negative scores for the banner. Finally Stephan Rath made it with better freehands.
      2007 Hellebron: Heavily converted monster and rider but I get negative scores for the base and the whyskers. Finally Sascha Buczek made it with his self sculptured 54 mm miniature.
      2008 Beastmen Unit: Biggest unit on that highest standard seen so far. Finally Ben Komets made it with his more inovative entry of the 54 mm throne of judgment.

      Receiving a Slayer Sword needs an entry on highest technical level, innovative with perfect atmosphere and story telling.... oh and of course a bit of luck.
      I wish you good luck to get yours
      Kind Regards GeOrc