Yeah! I'm in!

Hey folks!

I'm very happy these days. A lot of thinks going on very well. Started a new job in a new city where my first week felt very good. In our lovely great thinks take place  too. I had a lot time for painting and so I could improve my painting skills and explore the hobby in a new way. Also we organized our first painting competition. It was a big bunch af brainstorming and administration work, and now it's running with a huge positive response. These small thinks gives me a very good feeling :) Last but not least an other happening came to that. 

My Golden Demon entrie from last year the Nurgle Blood Bowl team made it to the current Warhammer Visions magazine! I'm very honored with that :D 

Exactly two pages after my entry you can find an entrie of my good austrian friend Harald aka Moses. I love his way of painting. He brings the old warhammer humor to his models and uses a very cool range of colors for that. His models gives me always a smile to my face :) 

In the magazine you can find a big bunch of high quality Golden Demon entries. Another fact what mades me very proud that I'm in it (btw, my last name is Hauke, not Hanke^^), my entrie is next to Stefans. I'm always looking up to his painting skills. His range of colors is awesome and always against all mai stream. So it's not unexpected to see.on of his entries in the magazine too! 

Maybe now you can imagine why my mood is so good at the moment. I'm totally motivated to paint the whole night long, and that is my plan for this weekend .... ;)

Enjoy your weekend also with painting soccer and family, and keep your vrushes crossed!

all the best


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