Tyranid Knight Conversion

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Long time no read. I guess real Life is getting to me as I am working whole day as a uprising Designer and time is short. But I have not completely given up on painting and converting - just the blogging lacks a little right now. But I wanted to show you my recent work on a big project I worked on. With the release of 7th Edition Warhammer 40k, there is a all new Ally Matrix, basicly allowing anybody to ally with anybody...with the cost of staying 12inches away from each other. I used this opportunity to ally a Imperial Knight to my Tyranid Army. No way, forge the narrative you will say! And I am with you. While I like the fact that I can take other stuff in my army now, I would never ever put the imperial knight model next to my tyranids - its just wrong! So I decided to built myself a big count as model to represent the knight in my army. And while I fell in love with this project I actually wrote a little piece of fluff why the other tyranids stay away from this beast. Enough talk! Pictures you say? Here we go.

Hive Fleet Daggoth Colossus

+++++++ DATASTREAM KRYPTMANN + New Bioform Sighted + Hive Colossus + 54466078.M41 +++++++

The Hive Fleets of Daggoth seem to adapt once more. We introduced super-heavy Wargear to deal with the tyranid thread. The imperial knights of Taranis 
proved to be very effective against the swarm. It seemed as the swarm had no answer to the durability and intense firepower of the imperium's finest. The Knights won several major battles, always killing thousands of tyranid organisms without facing any considerable resistance. The invasion slowed down notably. Then, the Hive Fleet introduced a new organism. We named it simply "Hive Colossus" since this is what it is. A knight-sized, hyper aggressive creature. Its cannon seems to fire a very intense acid, melting through super-heavy armor like nothing and its 10 feet long Bonesword is capable of decompose an imperial Knight in one single strike. But we have also heard reports of this creature attacking its own kind. We assume the Hive Mind sacrificed total control over its minion in order to achieve a hyper aggressive assault-creature. The gestalt is aware of this and other tyranid organisms keep their distance to the raging hive colossus. 

+++++++ DATASTREAM KRYPTMANN + New Bioform Sighted + Hive Colossus + 54466078.M41 +++++++

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  1. it looks too much awesome!!
    I'm so thrilled to see it finished! :D