Sunday evening inspirations ...

Hey folks!

So much happens in the dimension at the moment. We had a huge response on our first competition and the whole crew is working on it a lot of times. We administrate all entries, and prepare them for judging in the end, and talk to much more sponsors to support our curent nice pricepool. So stay tuned, more details will follow in the next weeks! 

But what is the essentials of a painting blog? Correct, it's painting! I had a mighty boost in the last weeks, and enough time to paint, so I want you to give a small view of my finished and curent working project without any big words. Here we go! 

Sorry for the bad picture. Unfortunately I don´t have a good camera right now. But I promise some of the projects are finished and final pictures will follow :)

I wish you a fantastic start in the whole week!

all the best 


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