Nightgobos and their use of hairspray ...

Hey folks!
 With this post I will give you some small WIP pictures of an old project what should be comes to end in the next time. I'm talking about my Nightgobo for our community projecty. Yeah - it is still running. A bunch of Gobos found their way to Dellolyns place and waiting for much more (including mine) to be placed on a big plinth. 
Today I used the hairspray technique for the old shield. I will try to explain in some words how it works. Here we go!
 Started with a rusty groundcolor combination. For this I used red, brown and orange colors. Mixed them wild together and thats it. 

 After the rusty color basing I paint hairspray on it with an old brush. Quickly I sprinkled salt on it and let it good dry. 
 After drying I painted my shield base color on it. Squiq Orange could be my favourite color for the time :D 
How's that?! The Gobo family is big! Arne aka Sleipnirs Gobo found the way to mine on our last paintingjam. Could you imaging 20 of them on one huge plinth? It should be looking epic :D 
Now I began to scratch of the salt with and wet old brush ...
... to get this appearance. I was in luck that my shield was very good fixed on the upper chains, because I need much more power then I thought before. 
with a knife I brought some more scratches on it and thats it!
The last big step was to paint an elvish symbol on the shield. I used this old painted banner as a template. 
And here we have the final shield. 

Try it by your own! The hairspray technique is very very easy to handle AND very cheap :) If you have more question let me know it!

Enjoy your week, all the best


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