Review: Duke of Bavaria 2014 and "comming soon..."

Hello competition fans,

It's now about one week ago some of the 5th dimension crew meet at Munich to drive to the duke of bavaria.

After a 6 hours trip to Munich it was late in the evening. Kyle aka MrLee was already arrived at Markus aka Malekith's home. So we have an great evening was talking, joking and some drinks.

Next morning Markus had made us a nice breakfirst with bread and fruits. Thanks for this fella.
So we picked up Stefan aka SkelettetS at the airport and drive together to the duke of  Bavaria.
So,let the pictures tell the story from this on...

Sidney/elCid, Kyla/MrLee, Raffa/Picster, Stefan/SkelettetS, Markus/Malekith, Michael/Dellolyn, Daniel/Solmar

Zwerg von Nettenscheid - Ulrich Biroth

Zinnfigurenstudio Peter Evers
Fredericus Rex K. Schulte Zinnfiguren

The bad boys: Fabrizio/Schirag (a very nice cool painter and friend) Stefan/SkelettetS

Kyle/MrLee, Raffa/Picster, Beni , Stefan/SkelettetS, Manuel/Crazywenky, Michael/Dellolyn, Vlado/BigPanda

Raffa/Picster with the greatest Carpenter and Plinthbuilder, Dino! If you can stuff from him,do it! He is just awesome in his job.


Juluis/TheArtfist, Phil/Tuskar, Kyle/MrLee

 Link to the complete gallery >>>here<<<

Also great was the small painting lessen with Stefan/SkelettetS. He showed me his main painting technic at the evening of saturday to sunday. Her some pics of that.

 Thanks Stef for this great small lesson, really enjoyed that.

My personal "big moment" was this...

My friend Fabrizio gave me this a s present! To you Fabrizio: Thank you very very much, I really love your stile. You are a great painter and really friend.


Coming soon!

I work on a project as gift to my brother for his wedding in summer. All I want to say you right now is the idea behind the miniature.

You all know this small jewel boxes with the small ballerina dancing in the middle?
My project will be similar like them. I build two special jewel boxes, one for me and one for my friend Daniel aka Nathelis. We will paint/build a small "jewel box duell".
Because my brother have also learnd the job carpenter it have to be perfect and extravagant.
Here the first wips (...because i know my brother don't follow our blog ;-) )

Left will become the box for Daniel, my one the one with the open front (for a drawer) and the second bottom.


  1. Yeah, the HvB 2014 was a big blast. So nice to meet you all and have a great chat and see so many ingenious miniature panting. Cheers

    1. was nice to meet you too :-) your project with the giant tower is really cool. *thumbs up*

  2. Just can say the same as Phil. It was great meeting you all again and with all that miniatures around and stuff. So cool! Thanks for the nice review, Michael. I linked it up in our review on MV.

    Best Wishes

    1. Was really nice to meet you and the apes again. You done a great job as judge! So many stuff and so many awesome projects.
      Thanks for linking.

      Hope we meet again this year.

  3. Very nice review of the event. If I could, the next year I´ll go to the contest :) Hope we finally meet each other.
    You have so much talent and carpenter skills!

    1. Thanks :-) I do my best.

      Would nice to meet you there. It was my first time at duke but definitally not the last time. It is a great competition with nice flair and a great fresh kind of judging.
      So if you want to go there the next time,just let me know :-)