Imperial Japanese War Machine continues ...

The Imperial Japanese War machine continues to gather more troops to fight in the great war.. Slowly units are gathering their supplies and moving to the front lines to defend against the Goliath that is the American Forces.

With this update, we see 2 Infantry units coming to 8 men apiece. Each with a LMG to hold the enemy forces down.

2 Smaller commander units of Grenadiers with their Knee Mortars are coming to bare, however some of their members are not fully ready for the fight ahead.

In order to be the best prepared, a sniper team has been called in to set up ahead of the fights.

Our Second Lieutenant and his faithful henchman stand in the background barking out orders to all in the platoon ahead of battle.

But sensing that this is not enough, the HQ has brought in some "extras". Starting with a squad of Militia to help soak up some fire from the enemies MMGs and light arms fire..

And to help deal with Shermans and whatever other nonsense vehicles decide to come out and play.. some Anti-Tank Kamikaze units.. ready to put their life on the line I ( literally! ) in order to stop them!

Hopefully the war machine that is the Imperial Japanese forces will have more reinforcements for future engagements. Additional units to get a decent fighting force can be seen in the WIP photo below before some of the LMGs, Knee Mortars, and Militia were finished.

Excuse the photos above though, but since this is a table top army the painting quality is not the best. But the feel of the army is beginning to grow within it!

Hope you like it so far.


  1. Fantastic work and excellent presentation.

    A greeting.

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