Hey folks and hello Hamburg!

Long time no hear but everything is for a reason. I did it, changed my workbench. But not only for another room. I changed the complete sourounding in a new city!
After 34 years of being in Berlin and a finished study last year, it´s time to go for new challenges. In my case me and my girlfriend decided to move to the beautiful city HAMBURG!

Emblem of Hamburg

A move to a new city is always a big challenge. You have to organize a lot stuff and need physical power to handle and carry boxes, funitures or others every day. On of the biggest problem for me was to move my miniatures. I had only one big transport box. Not enough for all minis. But with a stable I brought all miniatures save an undestroyed to my new city.

No, it´s no all my stuff. A huge 12 tone truck took the rest ;) 

Let me say hello with one of my favourite band from this city RANTANPLAN.

The flat in Berlin is past and after one week here in the north of Germany the new flat looks nice. Enough time to explain the city because I will start to work in the middle of June.

And here is my new desktop. It is only for painting and in an extra room. Best place to enjoy the hobby!
I know there are some painters over here, but it would be a pleasure for me to know more about the painting part in Hamburg. So don´t hesitate to contact me ;)

all the best


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