Finished Models and Post Salute Thoughts

Hello folks!

It has been a while since I've posted, so I apologise for that! Salute has now been and gone, overall I had a good weekend, I travelled down the night before to meet up with some great friends, which is always a highlight, I also witnessed Kyle's feeding (shopping) frenzy, however, competitively it was a little bit disappointing, I did walk away with list in the misc (open) category with the grot fighter, which am very happy and proud about, the award was my first 1st at Salute and at a national competition, however, having entered 5 models (Grot fighter, mongol bust, dust tactics walker, slann mage priest and the new stz tractor) I would have liked to have come away with another award or two.
I realise that is a potentially divisive statement as there will always be disappointed people leaving competitions and I was fortunate enough to bag a trophy, however, I am a competitive and ambitious individual, painting contest are important to me, they are a good point of focus, they allow me to judge my progress, especially against my peers and they do add that little bit of motivation, you get to show off your models, gain recognition and hopefully acquire a shiny thing at the end of it all! I know that the competitive side doesn't appeal to everyone and some people even frown upon it, especially in the UK community, but it works for me in positive way overall.

Right! On to finished models! I have two finished models to show you, the first, is the Mongol Warrior bust from SK Miniatures, I've shown the WIP a few times now, the 2nd is a Soviet STZ-5 Artillery Tractor, yes, you heard right, it's a military vehicle, my first foray into that area. It's something I have been looking to do for a while and I had fortunately found an interesting kit 3 weeks before Salute, so it was a rather fast turn around! I have quite a lot of WIP pictures if you ladies and gents would like to see any!

Mongol Warrior

Soviet STZ-5 Artillery Tractor

This is a 1/35th scale kit from Vulcan models, it was painted and white washed exactly the same as the walker (tutorial here!), from there I weathered heavily with oils and pigments! All the weathering techniques I used were learnt from the 1st Forge World Model Masterclass book.

Both pieces are up on CMoN and P&P, if you could head over and give both a vote, it would be really appreciated! The Tractor in particular is struggling to get 50 votes.

Mongol P&P

Tomorrow I will be posting my new project, it's a pretty hefty diorama that will need a few new techniques to get it right!




  1. Hey John, I do like both pieces very, very much! What I like most is their uniqness in approach! Great pieces! Your Pieces!

    1. Cheers Roman! I will be taking you feedback on board and look to enact on it come Monte, until then I am just focussing on moving forward, trying to create as much cool stuff as I can! :)