A Workshop Review, TWW in Cambridge with Volomir!

Wow, what another busy weekend! The second Cambs workshop has been and gone and it was just as exhausting as the first! My journey started on the Friday, travelling to John’s (aka megazord_man) where I met up with the teacher for the weekend, Rafa! We spent the evening eating take away, drinking White Russians and talking about the hobby and our communities, that is, until Rafa rekindled his addiction for first person shooters, it was a sad day in virtual Columbia!

As the sun rose Kyle (Mr Lee) pulled up to take us up to Inner Sanctum.
All the tables were set up with a handful of students already in place, it didn’t take long to get everything set and have all the students arrive. Rafa started by talking about the theory behind his painting, how he creates contrast, how he uses colour theory inks, luminosity and saturation, as Rafa’s talk drew to a close everyone started to put their savage orks together and get them primed, individually, myself and Rafa went around everyone looking at the colours they had chosen, seeing if people choices could be pushed or were in need of a tweak or two.

Lunch came quite quickly after basecoats had been placed, a lot of us had to check in to our hotel during, the establishment had a touch of Fawlty Towers and the owner was seemingly doing his best Alan Partridge impression, It as an odd experience to say the least!
After Lunch the students pressed on under the watch of Rafa, applying highlights and shadows, Rafa went into detail about how the placement of light and shadow and defines volume and how important volume is for the creation of realism . The day quickly drew to a close and we retired for some great food and a few drinks! Rafa and Kyle shared had a beautiful moment sharing a slice of cake! <3

The next day started with splitting the class in to two groups, myself and Rafa had discussed everybody’s progression on the first day and we felt that some of the students would benefit greatly from having a stronger technical foundation, so I took 5 students over to another table so we could focus on brush strokes, painting consistency, glazing and creating volume whilst Rafa continued to push the other students.

Breaking the group up for an hour or two really allowed us to give everyone a lot of one on one time and give immediate feedback on their progression, my group’s technical ability took a big step forward which allowed them to apply the more advanced ideas Rafa was teaching quicker and easier.
Rafa was able to solidify his ideas with the other group and then adapt his teaching to their progression, helping them to refine their work whilst being bolder with the choices they made. Kyle was challenged to start using more saturated colours, Rafa tasked him to create the colours he used with just black and white and the 3 primary colours, Kyle ended up with something that had a nice level of saturation and is looking for another project he can apply that idea to.    
My students re-joined the rest of the group, Rafa had been checking in on their progress but now Rafa started to work with them one on one, reinforcing the lessons from yesterday, going back over some of the points he discussed with his group, whilst giving feedback on contrast, colour theory and volume. I then went around the other group giving feedback from my point of view on how they could stretch contrast they had already established and potentially add other types of contrast. At this point, we lost two out our workshopeers to ill health, we wish them both well!

As 6 O’clock drew nearer the workshop started to wind down as peoples concentration began to waver, Rafa and I made one last pass on the students, again giving feedback and advice, then began the clean up which was nice and fast actually with everyone help! Then it was on to the goodbyes, I headed back with Rafa, Kyle and John, before heading home Monday morning.

I just want to thank everyone who attended, it was great to have another event at Inner Sanctum and I hope to continue to help strengthen the community in Cambridge! 


If you'd like to see more pictures from the workshop head over to our facebook page!

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