A New Project

Hello everyone!

This is a new project I am working on, I've had the idea rattling around since Monte, a sea god takes the form of a wave to swallow a ship! Pretty simple idea, but obviously the execution is going to be a little tricky. Everything I am sculpting will be hollow cast in tinted clear resin, I will cut the piece in two after it's baked, make 2 silicone moulds and from there layer tinted resin in the mould, I will be adding darker and lighter colours to add depth and definition to the wave in the same way Jean-Bernard André does with his work (if you don't know Jean, check him out, he is a master when it comes to water)

At the moment I am still refining, sharpening the basic shapes as well establishing symmetry, the dreadfleet ship has had it's keel restored and it's 2 masts removed to open it up and make it less cluttered, although a flag pole will return on top of the building. I am looking to get away from the GW feel of the ship, although colour wise red/orange would make sense to contrast with the blue/teal wave, the sails are nicely detailed, but my first thought was to get rid of the detail to add my own freehand and also am not a big fan of the chap with the hammer, I'd like to replace him in all honesty!

Your thoughts and idea are always appreciated! I actually need some help naming the project, any thoughts? 


  1. hi john,
    its always nice to see dreadfleetships in project, as i really like those.
    i would change the shape of the pupils, this straigt hard edged line dons´t fits to something flowing like water.

    what about a title like "wrath of the seagod" or "wrath of manaan"(if you want to keep ist warhammer themed)??

  2. Damn that is creepy as all hell. Keep the title something simple like: Fair winds and following seas. It gives that old navy blessing a whole new meaning :)

  3. I think this is very original idea! Can´t wait to see next entrie.

  4. Hi John, It was great to meet you at the weekend. As for a name for the project the first image that came to my mind was that of the Adamastor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adamastor) It is basically a mythological character created to represent the monster that engulfed the Portuguese ships as they tried to cross the sourthern tip of the African continent