The Rusty Bucket #4

Hey folks!

After a rocket start with postings about my old russian sovjet tank, it was quiet about it. If you missed it check out PART ONE, PART TWO and PART THREE. I was very busy in the last days because big thinks will come to me. New challenges will start in a new city. But more about it soon here :) Now let us go back to the tank ...
The painting was finished. Everything looked good for me and I could go on with the base. I didn´t spend so much time in coloring the base, because a lot of the surfaces shall later on planted with grass, forest ground and of course plants. So I started with a quick wet in wet painting, added the same inks that I used on the tank an dry brushed everything.

My color range for the base. A wild bunch of colors. 

After painting I brought different inks and washes to random places on the base.

I used the same colors like the base for the wooden parts, but added more brownish colors in it.
My workbench. Looks very clean, but it isn´t usual ^^
A sideview to see the different areas of the colored sand. 
After the tree was dry I blended  some dark colors in the darker areas. At least a soft dry brushing.

Here you can see my used materials for the ground. I collect all organic stuff in a big box together. So I can use the small parts which one fall down from the big parts for a natural forest ground. Later on you can see how it works. It´s again a technique from Matt Cexwishs Basing workshop at the start of this year. Our blogger mate Klye aka 'Mr. Lee' wrote a cool blogspot about the workshop on his blog which one you can find HERE.
At first I glued some tufts of grass at random spots on the floor.  Usally I use THIS kind of grass in various colors. Fixed with superglue it´s very easy to handle.
As next leaves, single blades of grass and natural moss followed.
Here you can see the small parts out of my 'green box' which one I used for a natural ground.

Place the grass, and all other stuff in totally random order. Try to prevent simultaneously and equally positioning of the parts. The nature never would do this ;)

I love THESE leaves. They are all connected each other with small branches. It easier to handle them instead to glue leaf for leaf. 

Some more roots and different kind of moss, grass and branches brought am more natural look on it.
To bring more life to the whole composition I placed some leaves from the trees everywhere on the ground.

And that´s it! Everything is done. The whole project was very funny for me. I used a lot of new techniques, tools and colors. Learned a lot about weathering and to create a natural realistic atmosphere. One of the important thinks for me was the fact, that I only used cheap and present tools and colors. I needn´t big and expensive new investments to get the final goal. 

In the last part of the 'The Rusty bucket' I will show you the final pictures of the tank. Unfortunately I´m to busy atm to do good pictures of it.

So thank you for your attention! Feel free to comment my doing, it would be a pleasure for me!

All the best,