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Good evening paintaholics!
Like you will know I'm a guy who like the to work with other freaking painters as you can see at the "5th dimension community project" but more of this at the end of this post.
First I want to show you this: Saruxaxa's miniworlds!
Blog, youtube channel
This is the blog of a upcoming painter, Sara aka saruxaxa from Madrid, Spain. You really have to take a look at her blog. Her minatures are inspiring and just amazing!

It is me a pleasure to introduce her to you in a small interview:

Michael: Hi Sara, at first please tell us some facts about yourself. Where are you from, where do live now and how old are you?
Sara: Hi Michael, I´m Sara Ariza aka "saruxaxa". I try to work as pro painter of miniatures. I had studied illustration, concept art, and few things related with art. While I was studying I found that my real way with the art wasn´t drawing but painting miniatures. I´m from Spain, Madrid, and live there still. I´m 21.
Michael: How long have you been in the hobby and what was the main event to start with it?

Sara: I paint a few when I was a teenager (13-14) but Nothing too serious. My hard painting sessions had started one year ago. I start again because when I surfing on the web and see what the people are doing with miniatures I think that was truly art. Sometime after that, I done a masterclass with enrique velasco aka "emuse" and this event set the start of my happy painting life.

Michael: Do you remember on your first miniatures and where are they now?
Sara: The first was a bestigor of warhammer fantasy.  I think that I keep in a closet, but not sure, too many time since that.

Michael: Please tell us your way, and what you are doing in the hobby since you start with your blog.         
Sara: I try to do some storytelling as you do in an illustration. Tell what the character do or what feels.... a lot of emotional stuff it´s what I like most. Bit by bit I try people know me, and try to get more jobs.

Michael: Do you more like to paint, or are you more focused on basing or the production of the whole, do you like to build huge scenes or more the small things, or, or, ....?  
Sara: I like a lot basing, but I love more painting the characters than base. I love to do scenes, like if you can catch a second of a movie. Really enjoy to do dynamic characters with movement and make a whole with the base.

Michael: What is your favorite color and why?  
 Sara: That´s a tough question :) I like red, black, purple... more than a colour, I´m going to choose a palette. The late afternoon is my bet :)

Michael: Do you prefer any miniatures, or any companies in the hobby?
Sara: I prefer "realistics" miniatures. Don´t care if they are elves, orcs, humans or whatever, but I like that they have high real look. I don´t like the saturated miniatures, that have a huge number of elements.               

Michael: Please give notes (1=very good to 6=very very bad) to the terms:
Fantasy: 1
Steampunk: 2
SiFi: 4
Orcs: 2
Elves: 5

LotR: 1
Good guys: 2
Bad guys: 1
Extraordinary plinths:2
Other paintaholics like me: ...all the people that paint is paintaholic!

Michael: Are there something you want to tell us that you think people should know about you?
Sara: Only that I accept commission works for collectors and for brands ^^

Thank you Sara for the nice interview. 
I definitaly will follow your work and your blog!


...and as some last words of this post some WIP pictures and pre-cut pictures of the 5th dimension community project.

The base is 90% finished, only some effects are missing...

...the goblin is just started.

...and here the pre-cuts .
(low quality... we dont want to reveal to much ;-) )

 This will become much more fantastic than we thought! 
And for those of you who will be at the "Duke of Bavaria", just ask me to have a glimpse look in my transport box, I will take some of the goblins with me ;-)

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