New Tyranids suck? Well lets see!

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So the Tyranid Codex is out for some months now and if you are into gaming and into 40K you won't get around all the opinions the internet community has. If you are into 40K for a long time you probably know about the disaster games Workshop crushed into when releasing the 5th edition Tyranid Codex. Lets keep short things short - the codex had lots to be desired. After all, the hopes were pretty high when 6th edition Nid book came along. As a decade long tyranid player I have to say - the codex looks weak on first glance. I think thats the reason why so many people were so vocal the last few months, telling everybody how much the new book sucks.

But guess what - theres more to that codex than could be seen on first glance. After getting some games in I have to say the new Nids feel pretty strong when played well. The codex is overall nice and fits in with every other army other than Tau and Eldar strength-wise. Its a little bit fighting against the Hill against those two - but far from being impossible.

If you add in synergies with fortifications or the new dataslates, you will soon realize that Nids can be a top tier list even in the most hardcore tournament setting. I played Nids on a local tournament and happened to make first place. Here is the current List I play with:

***************  2 HQ ***************  

Hive Tyrant, Wings, 2 x Brainleech Devs - - - > 230 P
Prime, Hooks, Talons, Lashwip and Sword, Toxin- - - > 160 P

***************  2 Elite ***************  

1 Venomtrophe - - - > 45 P
1 Zoantroph - - - > 50 P

***************  4 Troop ***************  

30 Termagaunts, 15 x Spinefists - - - > 120 P
30 Termagaunts, 15 x Spinefists - - - > 120 P
Tervigon, Spines, Talons - - - > 195 P
Tervigon, Spines, Talons - - - > 195 P

***************  2 Fast ***************  

Harpy, Heavy Venom Cannon - - - > 140 P
Harpy, Heavy Venom Cannon - - - > 140 P

***************  3 Heavy ***************  

Exocrine - - - > 170 P
Exocrine - - - > 170 P
1 Biovore - - - > 40 P

***************  1 Fortification ***************  

Bastion - - - > 75 P

The idea behind the list is quite clear. Put the Venomtrophe into the Bastion, put the bastion next to area terrain and profit from a 3+ or even 2+ cover save. The Army has enough Firepower to produce pressure on your opponent while it also has durability in form of many many scoring units, body count gaunts and the pretty good cover save. Even against cover save ignoring enemies this list proved to be very solid. But I know many of you might say you want to see the Nids against those Top Tier Armys. I am speaking of you Tau, Eldar, Taudar, Deamons etc. Well the Guys from Frontline gaming did a pretty good job doing just this. If you still think Nids suck-watch these battle reports and then start hitting the table for the swarm! For our time - is now! 

-Tyranid Battle Reports-

Skyblight Tyranids VS. Necron Wraith Spam Cronair 

Bioblast Tyranids VS. Farsight Tau

Tyranids VS. Imperial Knights + Marines

Tyranids VS. Tau Spam 

Tyranids VS. Space Marines

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