Great and cheap basing stuff: it's teatime!

Hello basebuilders,
Hallo Basebauer,

some of you will know, the release of the new painting buddha DVD set season 1.2 "freehands and banners" and 1.3 "Base alchemy volume 1:earth" is near.
einige von euch werden es wissen, die Veröffentlichung der neuen Paiting Buddha DVD Sets Season 1.2 "freehands and banners" and 1.3 "Base alchemy volume 1:earth" ist nahe.

Current informations you get in the new post of and a small "Wip-picture" of the new DVD-set.
Aktuelle Informationen und ein WIP-Bild über die DVD-Sets bekommt ihr in dem neuen Post von

While I still waiting for the release date and the shipping of my preordered DVD-sets I'm searching for all I could use for basing. Especially wood/earth is my preferred kind of base, but also very hard for me.
So lange ich auf die Veröffentlichung und Versendung meiner vorbestellten DVD-Sets warte suche ich eifrig nach allem das ich fürs Basebauen verwenden könnte. Bensonders Wald/Natur sind meine liebsten Bases, leider auch die die mir am schwersten fallen.
I found by chance a very great basing stuff for real looking wood/earth bases. Because my wife do breastfeed our sun, she drings a specially tea for assist this. I saw the mixture and was inspired.
Ich habe durch zufall geniale Materialien gefunden für Wald-/Naturbases. Weil meine Frau unseren kleinen Sohn stillt trinkt sie einen besonderen Tee um das ganze zu unterstützen. Ich hab die Mixture gesehen und war inspiriert.

The tea you can buy in a supermarket is better for this than the "fresh" tea you get in drugstores/chemist's. As you can see in the picture, the tea of the supermarket is better for this because it is hackeld.
Die Teebeutel die ihr im Supermarkt bekommt sind dafür besser geeignet als "frischer" Tee aus der Apotheke. Wie man auf dem Bild sehen kann ist der Supermarkttee besser geeignet weil er kleingehackt ist.

And here a tip my friend Siggi aka Barfrau told me: " you a chaos earth/sticks/wood/leaves/etc.., Nature is chaos, not classified and clean" (he learnd this at Matt Cexwish painting class)
And here it is...
Und hier noch ein Tip den mir mein Freund Siggi aka Barfrau gegeben hat: "...mach die eine Durcheinanderkiste mit Erde/Ästchen/Blättern/etc..., denn in der Natur ist alles durcheinander und nichts geordnet." (eines der Dinge die er bei Matt Cexwishs workshop gelernt hat.)
Und hier ist sie...

And now have a nice weekend and enjoy creative basing ;-)
Und nun wünsche ich euch ein schönes Wochenende und kreatives Basebauen ;-)

Best regards,
Beste Grüße,
Michael aka Dellolyn


  1. Hello Guys! :D We are all really happy to see your excitement and anticipation for the Base Alchemy DVD Series! :) We are working hard to ship it out to you as fast as possible (in fact, we are working on the Weekend to make it even faster, hahaha...:D...)... We are extremely excited and curious to see how you like the Whole Package, the Style, the Techniques... But most importantly -of course-, the Content... Very excited to see many, many MORE great and personal bases from you guys in the Future...;)...

    1. There will be much more creative bases in the next time (... some of them stands befor me ;-) ), perhaps some crazy one after I have seen your DVDs.

      In the near future I will start a project that would be interesting especially for you as basing lover. All I want to say until now is 2x (800mm x 800mm) and "pirates of the caribian" is my inspiration :-D

  2. ... Is it Two Dreadfleet Ships that are shooting on one another while circling a Maelstrom? :D Just a guess.... However, you will surely find joy in our upcoming Water Basing DVD if you ever attempt to build something with a lot of Water...;)...

    1. Damn... next "must have" on the list ;-) And no, not dreadfleet. Bigger scale :-D